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Who We Are

Shenzhen Dingshang Art Co., Ltd. is a collection of design, development, sculpture and production. There are dozens of artists, senior craftsmen and professional sample makers from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts. It has more than ten years of experience in high-quality design and production of handicrafts and fine products.

What We Do

Shenzhen Dingshang Art Co., Ltd. has set up a large glass production base in China, innovatively applied mold hot pressing and casting process reform to the production of glass handicrafts, and established a school of its own in the production of glass handicrafts. Over the years, many production processes have been reformed and innovated, making many contributions to the entire gift craft industry.

The business scope of Shenzhen Dingshang Art Co., Ltd. includes: production and sales services such as large glazed artworks, large-scale glazed Buddha sculpture artworks, development of Buddhist supplies, design of glazed artworks, gift customization, research and development of glazed decorations, glazed craft gifts, glazed prizes, crystal craft gifts, glazed artworks, collection souvenirs, business gifts, abstract modeling artworks, etc.

Maintenance of colored glass
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Why Choose Us

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Shenzhen Dingshang Art Co., Ltd. has the most complete glaze materials and the largest production base in China. It has advanced technology and means in the ancient glass dewaxing molding process and other technologies, and continues to develop innovative technology and methods.

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Shenzhen Dingshang Art Co., Ltd. has been making unremitting innovation and efforts in China's handicraft industry, making indelible contributions to China's high-end handicraft industry.

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Shenzhen Dingshang Art Co., Ltd., adhering to the values of honesty first, customer first and first-class workmanship, has a very good reputation and reputation in the industry. In the field of colored glass art, we have constantly challenged more and more difficult production height, and achieved very good cost control, creating an enterprise with leading quality and highly competitive price in the field of colored glass engineering.