Customized Pixiu Gold Penholder


Romantic Spiritual Meaning

1. The pixiu is the son of the ancient dragon king. He has a very magical place. He has no place to excrete. That is to say, what he eats is always in and out, and his usual food is also some gold, silver and jewelry. The pixiu seeks wealth from this allusion.

2. It is said that Pixiu is the guardian of the heaven, and usually guards the safety of the heaven. It is powerful and brave. Those evil people are very afraid of Pixiu and dare not approach.

3. Due to the strong ability to ward off evil spirits, Pixiu can also help us expel the bad luck around us, so that we can get more good luck and opportunities.

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The placement position and direction of the mythical wild animals

If there is no proper position and angle, you can also place the Pixiu on the balcony, and let the head of Pixiu face out of the window. It is best to have a road outside the window, so that Pixiu can see more wealth.

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  When the pixiu is placed, it cannot face the main gate directly, because the main gate is the place where the god Buddha is in charge, and the pixiu is just a god animal without right to interfere. Therefore, when placing the Pixiu, you need to lean the Pixiu to the door, so that you can absorb the wealth of the outside world.

  Shops and business premises

If it is placed in a shop or business place, the pixiu can be placed on the cash register, or a special place can be set up to place the jizhaotang pixiu. The head of the jizhaotang pixiu should face the outside of the shop and the tail should face the inside.

Pixiu Gold Penholder-03

  The Pixiu should not be placed too high or too low. The Pixiu cannot be directly placed on the ground, nor higher than the head of its owner. If it is too high, the Pixiu will not see its owner.

  If it is a pair of pixiu, it can be placed in eight characters or in parallel.

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♦  If the mythical wild animal is placed together with the idol and other objects. Then the correct order is: among the Buddha statues, Bodhisattva is on the left and Brave Xiu is on the right. If it is a statue of god, then it is the same. The big one is in the middle, the second one is on the left, and the pixiu follows the right. It should be that the Pixiu is just a mythical animal, not an immortal, and it cannot overpower the Buddha, otherwise the spirituality will be suppressed, and the gain will not be worth the loss.

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  • China’s glass art has a long history. It was recorded as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Glass is a valuable art. However, in recent years, a large number of low-priced “water glass” products have appeared in the market. In fact, this is a “imitation glass” product, not a real glass. Consumers should distinguish this.

    The production process of ancient glass is quite complex. It takes dozens of processes to complete the process of coming from fire and going into water. The production of exquisite ancient glass is quite time-consuming. Some of the production process alone takes ten to twenty days, and mainly depends on manual production. It is very difficult to grasp all the links, and the difficulty in grasping the heat can be said to depend on skill and luck.

    Because the hardness of glass is relatively strong, it is equivalent to the strength of jade. However, it is also relatively brittle and cannot be beaten or collided forcefully. Therefore, after owning a glass work, we should pay attention to its maintenance. During maintenance, we should pay attention to the following matters;

    1. Do not move by collision or friction to avoid surface scratches.

    2. Keep it at normal temperature, and the real-time temperature difference should not be too large, especially do not heat or cool it by yourself.

    3. The flat surface is smooth and should not be placed directly on the desktop. There should be gaskets, usually soft cloth.

    4. When cleaning, it is advisable to wipe with purified water. If tap water is used, it should be left standing for more than 12 hours to maintain the luster and cleanness of the glass surface. Oil stains and foreign matters are not allowed.

    5. During storage, avoid contact with sulfur gas, chlorine gas and other corrosive substances to avoid chemical reaction and damage to finished products.

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