Appreciation and aesthetics of colored glass

Glass is characterized by its high refractive index to light, so it can present a crystal clear effect. With the help of light, it can fully express its artistic characteristics. The works made by casting technology have strong expressiveness, rich layers and exquisite details. In particular, the flow of colors is unpredictable, enthusiastic or implicit, and each one is different.

1. Enjoy the light and shadow effect, especially the refraction of light with different angles, thicknesses and colors, which can present a three-dimensional visual effect.

2. Enjoy the natural flow of color and feel the pure beauty of the "breath" of glass.

3. The transparency of colored glass should not be too pure and bright. There should be a certain level and finish difference, otherwise it will lose its dynamic vitality.

4. Feel the beauty of artistic conception brought by the perfect combination of the overall shape and color, beauty and creative ideas.

5. Appreciate the national culture (non folk custom) and structural features contained in the colored glass from the perspective of technology.

6. Less uncontrolled bubbles.

7. Appreciate the creativity and realm that the designer wants to express from the works.

Post time: Sep-13-2022